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Speed: x10Players: 3524Round duration: 1 yearRound started: 11 months agoBeginner's protection: 2 weeks
Warehouse size: x10Cranny size: x10Troop movement speed: x10

Server 2

Speed: x32Players: 292Round duration: 1 monthRound started: 1 week agoBeginner's protection: 4 days
Warehouse size: x16Cranny size: x16Troop movement speed: x32

Server 3

Speed: x128Players: 280Round duration: 2 weeksRound started: 1 month agoBeginner's protection: 2 days
Warehouse size: x64Cranny size: x32Troop movement speed: x64

Server 5

Speed: x1024Players: 261Round duration: 1 weekRound started: 4 days agoBeginner's protection: 1 day
Warehouse size: x512Cranny size: x512Troop movement speed: x128


Speed: x1000000Players: 268Round duration: 1 weekRound started: 2 days agoBeginner's protection: 12 hours
Warehouse size: x100000Cranny size: x100000Troop movement speed: x1000000